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For us, this is a story about finding creative ways to reduce food waste. Imperfect is the latest venture launched by Ben Simon, Ben Chesler and Ron Clark. We’ve been passionate about fighting food waste and food insecurity for a long time, always with the same goal in mind: Keep food from being wasted, and provide it to people instead.


Each year, 20% of the produce grown in America is rejected from grocery stores because it has a funny shape or size. We realized this issue of ugly produce (or as we like to say, “cosmetically-challenged produce”) is one of the largest environmental problems, and one that wasn't really being talked about. 


So we came up with the idea to reduce this food waste and generate extra revenue for farmers while making produce more affordable for all families. Imperfect gives consumers the chance to buy delicious, wonky-looking produce at a discount. We're on a mission to find a home for these unloved and odd-looking fruits and vegetables at a price that is mouthwateringly affordable. 


We’re excited to be on this journey and we would love for you to join us.


Live in Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, Albany, Alameda, Concord/Walnut Creek, Lafayette, or SF? Hop aboard the ugly produce train and sign up for our fruit and veggie boxes HERE.


Our Team

Ben Simon Headotsh Ben Chesler   Ron Clark

Ben Simon

Chief Executive Officer


Ben Chesler

Chief Operating Officer


Ron Clark

Chief Supply Officer


Jon Jeter

Evan Headshot

Jon Jeter

Ugly Produce Enthusiast

Kelsey Forbes

Operations Manager

Dylan Bondy

Ugly Produce Enthusiast


Evan Hazelett

Ugly Produce Enthusiast


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